By: Palesa Matjebele

Africa has always shown a united front before the Nations but all that changed with recent rife threatening what seemed to be a united Nation that encourages level of diversity at its max.

From back in the day when all of Africa stood together fighting for the Democracy of all Africans, specifically that of South Africa. Almost all African countries did invest in on the whole struggle with their blood, sweat and tears; taking in all the fellow Africans in their time of need. Helping with food, a safe place to lay on their heads and most of all with the resources needed to conquer the struggle for Equality and Majority leadership. All that seem to have transitioned to hatred amongst the once has been diverse Nation envied by all, boundaries of borders have been highlighted once more.

Some of the biggest game players in the Democratic South Africa feel betrayed by their fellow Africans whom they had confidence in after South African Citizens turned their backs on them, claiming that they are foreigners who pretty much steal everything from them while condemning the Society.

Amongst all that, there are claims of foreigners, specifically Nigerian dealing with drugs and trafficking of young girls instead of legally enriching the country. The One love seem to be fading bit by bit at the moment with all the gruesome attacks Africans exert amongst themselves, with foreigners being attacked anywhere in the country including in Churches which are considered to be the safest place to be.


Author: matjebelepale55journo

Aspiring Writer with drive for success, an ambitious being full of ability and determination. The next big thing in Print media, be it news or colour writing. Madam no boredom in any way.

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