Protect Rhinoceros from Extinction

By: Palesa Matjebele

Rhinos are one of the most peaceful and very charismatic mega herbivores in the world, they are simply harmless big mammals one can ever find. Rhinos feast on greens such as grass and shrubs.

Over the past 50 million years ago, five species of Rhino have been living in the wild. Over 471 000 rhinos have been lost in just one century, leaving only less than 30 000 rhinos in the African wilds. Loss of habitat due to pollution and poaching are the main factors endangering the existence of the rhino specie and if no effort is made to protect the specie, possibly 84 years from now the rhino specie will follow the likes of Dodo.

There are myths regarding rhino horns; the myths influence rhino poaching as in some Chinese cultures, it is believed that horns can be used as some medical cure while some use them for high status gifts in Vietnam.

The money raised is much more helpful than one can ever think; if it was not for the fundraisings, Southern white rhino would not exist today. It only took few concerned wild lovers to bring the remaining 200 white rhinos together for a managed breeding, it is great to say that we now have over 20 500 white rhinos in total. Equal effort on the remaining rhino specie would be much appreciated, we may have lost the Northern white rhino specie but it is definitely not too late to save the remaining species.


Author: matjebelepale55journo

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