South African Defence Force Demonstrates Readiness And Capability


By: Palesa Matjebele

The South African Military Force took to its home town Mangaung, the city of ‘’Siwelele’’ in Bloemfontein on Thursday the 18th of May to demonstrate the South African National Defence team’s capability and readiness for the country’s defence against the enemies threatening the social, security and economic state of affairs.

Demonstrational activities were showcased in De Burg Training Centre where the Defence team of men and women in the Force took to the fields in showcase of the intensely readiness skills, while most importantly preparing combat ready land-forces with advanced tactics, techniques and procedures. Intense activities included the utilising the rope techniques, the drop zone where the flying and landing on the ground is critical, the mobility demonstration using Amour vehicles and also the direct attack demonstration where instead of imaginary enemy, real subject is used instead, and the soldiers did the physical test amongst themselves.

Chief of South African Army, Lieutenant Yam explained the motion of activity as ‘’… Capability Demonstration shows that as the South African Army we stand by our constitutional principles in government whose orders we patriotically execute to make our Continent a better place for all our people to live in.’’

The demonstration also acts as an insertion of knowledge into Citizens who will in turn support and sustain the Army with the attained understanding. The demonstration significantly hit the continents’ military memory lane as the event is held in the same Month as the 54th birthday celebration of the African Union Organisation, of which was first established with aims to adopt unity and encourage peace in the continent while joining forces for the economic growth.

Chief of South African Army, Lieutenant General Yam explains that “As the South African Army, our manpower, hardware and combat capability covers a wide range of battle space competences that ensure that we successfully prosecute our domestic border control duties and our standing force commitment towards peace and security operations on the continent under the United Nations and the African Union,” while assuring citizens that despite all the Economic hurdles, members of defence are ready to overcome all the challenges with the man power they have ready for deployments and states that the Force appreciates the little increase of 0.95 percent to the already tightly close to impossible budget.

The South African military defence team pledge to fully avail themselves to serve for the improvement of the African people in a vow formally made by the Commander-in-Chief together with the South African President, Mr Jacob Zuma when he made a commitment to the continued regional and continental support with the processes needed to be taken in order to respond and resolve crises, promote peace and security while also strengthening the regional relationships based on mutual respect.

SA Army aims to promote peace and stability throughout African continent while working towards the 2063 Agenda to work towards a peaceful, prosperous and unified Africa where all African citizens feel equally secured at all times.

Lieutenant General; L. Yam said that “the role of the SA Army was fundamentally changed by the commotions of the early 90s, and after the incorporation of the Army into the new South African National Defence Force post 1994;’’ while also emphasising that even though the number of women in the army have increased over the years and women being in the leadership front, it is not out of the quest for equality but out of the ability and capability of an individual and nobody is forced to be in the military as it is a choice one takes out of their own will to serve the Nation.



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  1. You are a aspiring writer indeed,I foresee greatness along your jouney. Job well done,in most cases we don’t get to understand the duty of the SANDF at large

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