-Pressurised Life Of Social Media…

By: Palesa Matjebele

On the surface; life is so perfect and some fellas got it going on for them, from career all the way down to happiness. Blessings are testified everywhere, surprisingly the testimonies are shared amongst social media channels instead of churches!

Glory has surely navigated the gates of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram amongst many other social media platforms; the rain of blessings is pouring even harder. All these social mediums have become an integral part of our daily lives and it is of no wonder when individuals feel entitled to share every moment of their lives with the whole world.

Remember back then when people carried around diaries, recording their most sacred and deepest darkest secrets; When there was some sort of societal sentiment of how immorally unacceptable it was to page through someone else’s diary without their consent? Well gone are those days, and amazingly people now seem to be open, over-open if the word does exist! People now post, update their statuses with every single moment happening in their lives, be it dark or light; well funny enough, unlike with diaries, people get very upset when they don’t get likes, those pretty red hearts and comments as it shows that they were not given as much attention.

One of these days a person would bomb an ATM and post it on Facebook just as many other confessions of scams and infidelity, Facebook has turned out to be a Home Affairs branch and the nearest local Police Station amongst loyal participants. It can be amusing and sad at times, especially when a full adult of a human being, instead of lending a helping hand in the name of humanity, take a video to post for likes. A person would die while people are busy capturing the event instead of helping, for what?

The perfect way to put it would say; well, we can get carried away at times to an extent where we get overly open about every worldly encounter, even those better kept on the shush mode! When it comes to the world of internet, well people seem to overflow with no boundaries at all. I mean, even countries have barriers in the form of borders. Whatever it might be, be it free-spirited or the ooze of confidence and high self-esteem, tone it down!

As if the attention seeking tendencies were not enough, there come ‘fake freaks’! Really; so much effort all in the name of hearts and likes, you’d be surprised of the things that people do for likes. At some point in our lives, mostly in junior grades, everyone wanted to be cool and popular in the quest to fit in and be part of this ‘Ideal societal group’, we were still trying to find our feet and there was no way we could have thought of individuality as it never existed at the time.

Couple of years down the road, it’s quite shocking when you’d thought that gone were those days and somehow still witness a society with adults who have still not found themselves, their true being, still trying to be amongst the coolest by imitating the ‘idolised’ figures. Back to the energy, wow some people can really put up a great performance out there, so much so that you’d swear a person was born in a theatre, and the first thing they saw was that glorious stage!

Speaking of which, some people live in Bendo, Santon even Waterkloof while you see them every other day in the humble streets of what is now referred to as the hood; others somehow get to check in places like France, Miami and Paris but you bump into them at that local spaza shop, guess you are also there, on a vacation. As if the concealed events were not enough, you will be in your own mother’s home eating your pap and cabbage, there’s nothing wrong with that but the problem is when you make use of your free-mode privilege and boom somebody just tagged you in a post saying that they are with you at this fancy Chinese restaurant that you can’t even get your tongue to pronounce. Painful right, everyone should lie their own lie at their own expense and leave others to do the same.

When you think that you have not seen it all, that potato couch of a neighbour who didn’t even get passed grade 4 is a Doctor, Jesus! He also happens to be self-employed, owning a reputable private practice apart from working at Nelson Mandela Children Hospital, God! Facebook and Instagram life is far worse; it’s not only in Our Perfect Wedding where a posh couple would ride in a Limo today, only to fight for a two-seater of a taxi the following morning.

Guess everyone is living a perfect life behind that screen of the latest iPhone or Samsung 8; it all seems rosy on the surface, truly speaking, investing so much emotions in the internet life come with a lot of unnecessary pressure that could only lead to depression. Think of it this way, why is it that everyone look like they just are straight from the red carpet or photo shoot, all glamorous and flawless then all that changes when you bump into them on the streets; – You always think, too many Beyoncé’s right? Well, you got the answer; these smartphones and technological Apps have the ability to intensify and conceal messages sent from the other end, relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


Author: matjebelepale55journo

Aspiring Writer with drive for success, an ambitious being full of ability and determination. The next big thing in Print media, be it news or colour writing. Madam no boredom in any way.

11 thoughts on “ALL TALK!”

  1. Excellently written! You really put into words what most of us feel. It is a deep psychological thing with people to be wanted and with social media, all the scars can be dubbed out by painting this perfect picture of oneself. We should learn again to be just ourselves, get up in the morning, eat breakfast, go to work and do unto others what you would like to be done to yourself. It is not necessary to try and find yourself, because you are what you are.

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  2. When I was growing up, about a thousand years ago, the tv lives of “Leave it to Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” showed this idyllic perfect American dream life. None of us were living it mind you. Now social media is a platform to present more interesting, more perfect, more beautiful just MORE lives. And then we now have fake news. Thanks for this interesting post.

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