Weirdo’s Got This!


-The lengths people will go to save money

Written by: Palesa Matjebele

With the rand constantly going up with no promise of ever dropping even a little bit, it’s of no surprise when people go to rather very extreme and sometimes shocking and unusual measures to save some extra bucks. Life is by no means care-free especially with the need to save some few hundred bucks just in case rainy days come your way; spending and saving have become two best of frenemies in this modern-day of luxurious material things that can stress out the budget and stretch it way wider than it can go.

According to statistics, almost every employed citizen is spending way more than their monthly income which then makes no room for saving as their expenses automatically outweighs their budget, as a result majority of people live-off debts to sustain their much desired lifestyle that require more than they can afford. That is mostly influenced by the society’s expectations as it is believed that a working individual has to acquire and own certain stuff to show their capabilities and success amongst peers, the society has literally built up a standard that people have to live up to as to get a sense of approval, status and respect.

Only few people have dedicated their lives to truly being happy and live within what they can afford on a daily basis, which is very brave and rare in a way. Finding a budget that really works for you can be straining but bears great fruits of benefits in the end as it totally pays off and it always does. Drawing up boundaries within your expenditure is very helpful even when it may sometimes degrades your stature amongst peers and may even result in society judging and labelling you as a pauper.

Individuals on a quest to slim up the budget may go a little overboard with the unbelievable funny stunts they pull at times, the list goes from those people who only flush their toilets only when they go for a poop and reusing water to carry out multiple tasks like watering plants with the same water used to bathe as to trim up their water bill, to those who also slim-up the electricity bills by using charged-battery lights and fire-woods to cook. The list is endless, TLC documentary of Extreme Cheapskate once aired an old lady that substituted toilet roll with a newspaper, which obviously sounds familiar and not far-fetched; another episode featured a power couple that went around fiddling the trash cans looking for expired food products and medication. All these tricks prove that the things that have been naturally given can get very expensive but only if you let them.

Well as if that the shocker was not enough; there came the banana peeler lady, well before weighing the bananas this feisty one patiently undresses them because apparently they weigh less when they are peeled and saves some few bucks and being stared at is no sweat with this one. Being labelled a weirdo is no problem when it comes to these individuals as it’s actually great for their pockets.

Starting by buying clothes on promotions together with unbranded items will certainly do no harm to your wellbeing but put a smile on your face as it saves a couple of hundred bucks, while people may find it insane and cheap to buy stuff like vegetables and clothes on downtown streets rather than a regular store, it is actually a wise move and not that weird plus it also supports small local businesses; how would you feel sleeping everyday knowing that you indirectly helped put a child through school while also saving yourself cash?

With the expenditure increase, it is by all means not worth stressing your budget for the sake of acceptance amongst peers and living like Bill Gates while your account balance is on a negative. Credit card is not always a life-saver but a ticket to bankruptcy and frustration, if its function of bailing you out during rough times is misused. So going out less and cooking your own meals including abandoning few expensive habits like drinking every other weekend is good for your bank’s health, and certainly, what’s good for your pocket is good for your health!



Author: matjebelepale55journo

Aspiring Writer with drive for success, an ambitious being full of ability and determination. The next big thing in Print media, be it news or colour writing. Madam no boredom in any way.

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