Written by: Palesa Pertunia Matjebele

‘’Oh Women Weak! Too damn emotional for this game…’’ Frankly, that’s what they always say on the streets. Well, firstly, how weak is she if she carried you for nine months, three full thirds of the year? How weak is she if she Consistently and Continuously carried you on her back for nothing less than three years of your life and forever in her heart? How weak is she if she survived those heart wrenching labour pains in those hours that felt like decades so that you could be brought forward into this beautiful World of opportunities?

Secondly, what emotions are you talking about? Are we not just containers filled with nothing but pure raw emotions- feelings!? Are you an Emotionless Creature? That sure doesn’t sound human at all! What game are you even talking about? Are we playing, if so what game are we supposed to be playing, since you seem to be playing like a pro? A good clean one you are playing, I hope!

Yes, make that one squeaky clean for that matter! Cause guess what, some of us do have Emotions, for we are nothing less than human and our emotions have a trigger that takes a while to get triggered but once it gets pressed on with so much pressure, goes off- all hell breaks loose. On that note; allow me to say ‘’Checkmate!’’ Yes, for we are nothing less than human so these things happen, we are not flawless after all!

Onto that game Ish again! What game are you playing and what exactly are you playing with? -Emotions? Are you not coco, perhaps? This is by far the most nuts statement in the English history, ever! Anyways don’t play yourself, Weh Mta’ka MA!

Another rewind; see that woman, take a bow or praise God for bringing forth such a fragile yet strong powerful being! Whichever comes first or befitting the context. Next time Limpopo River flows in your brains and you get nappy-headed ideas of what a woman can and cannot do, think of your life, take a mirror and do a little bit of self-introspecting. Now tell us, who made you? Yes no denying that God created you, but unto whom did He plant that hopeful seed? Yes; Thank you, now Sit down, be Humble! She made you, she gave you direction, security and nurtured you throughout, even still, she continues to add Value, Security and that Fire that just keeps you going for nothing can turn it off…

That woman right there; she a Soldier, a Captain of your boat and most of all, a Pillar of your existence! Where do you think you would be, if not for that woman by your side? She adds Value, Significance and Purpose in one’s life, behind every Man’s life or any Successful being’s journey, there is just that Woman! That woman who will always have faith in you even when all your hope is gone, that woman who will never give up on you even when you thought that it was all over for you, when you throw in on the towel, she picks it up and reminds you exactly why you even started to begin with, she just cannot bear to see you lose hope. Every Will Smith needs a Jada Pinkett, no lie!

She gives you hope when all yours is gone! She clothe you, builds you to be a Warrior, Fighter and a Conqueror at the end of it all. They come and go but she is always there, all Fired Up even! She is your cheerleader, reminding you that you can only do your best and hope for the best; to have Faith, Fight, Patience and Positivity, she sings this song to you every day that it’s even stuck to the back of your mind!

Who taught you all about the morals, all about what could possibly go wrong in this Mystery of a World? Someone testify- She did! She knows best! Seen enough to remind you That All that You Have Is Your Soul- she prepares you for the future therefore you go in there ready- not rare, not semi- rare but all ready for you have been trained by Her Majesty!

She risks what is considered ‘’Beauty’’, for Magazine says flat stomach, Tight firm bum! But no, she says No, goes against all that. Gains some extra weight from your baby weight, that potbelly, her body overwhelmingly takes on a transition that is now deemed as ‘’Ugly!’’ by the world, fat she is called! Her body stretches beyond normal, to a point where her skin can’t take it anymore. She is left with strechmarks, they say her waist should be hidden in an apron for it now looks like a volcano has erupted- Oh Warrior Of A Woman!

She goes out there, doing all sorts of things some may consider Low, for what! -So that you can go into a warm bed in a secured home, with nothing but a happy stomach. She works as a domestic worker, cleaning other people’s houses, washing cars and even making up other people’s beds and bathing all those cats and dogs! For what? –So that you can go to school and be a Lawyer, a Teacher, a Literal being in the society, a better person than she! She is name-called, but all that don’t matter to her, she is focused on the bigger picture. She is stripped out of all her dignity; she remains naked and seen as a Nobody among peers! She sacrifices all her life for you to have a Life!

Who is She? A Mother, Sister, Daughter- A Woman! Your Lady, your special somebody; your Smile keeper! Millions and millions of books can be written about this Legend of a Female, Strong and Influential Being- A Woman! Next time you choose to see her as weak and good for nothing, take a look at your life! How could you have disrespected the only one person who made you who you now are? Respect and honestly Honour to all the Ladies out there; mother or not, for you are A Mother of the Nation!



Author: matjebelepale55journo

Aspiring Writer with drive for success, an ambitious being full of ability and determination. The next big thing in Print media, be it news or colour writing. Madam no boredom in any way.

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